- Things That Are Not Ironic
a public service provided by Chris Dixon

Not ironic thing Actually is... bad luck Actually is... good luck Actually is... a coincidence Actually is... a kind of funny connection Actually is... a sarcastic/snarky Actually is... hypocritical Commentary
A racecar driver gets pulled over by the police for speeding.


It would be ironic if the racecar driver got pulled over for driving too slowly.
You bump into your hometown friend while on vacation.

It would be ironic if you took the trip precisely to avoid that friend.
That a team won the NBA championship on the 20th anniversary of the last time that team won the championship.

X (at best)

This one so far from being ironic that it's hard to think how to make it ironic.
Rain on your wedding day. X

Weather is almost never ironic. Maybe you can construct some scenario (e.g. person travels from monsoon climate to get married in sahara desert precisely to avoid rain, and then it rains) but it needs to be pretty farfetched.
Rich hipster wearing a John Deere hat

Maybe it was slightly ironic when the first upper middle class kid wore a John Deere cap without intending it to be ironic. But once it became a trend it was no longer ironic, just sarcastic, or even snarky.
The chief strategist for McCain accuses Obama of being too much of a celebrity -- but in the past he worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger - a mega celebrity!

X It's ironic only if you expect political operatives to be unhypocritical.
Whole Foods, the fancy grocery store, has mice.


"This is what happens when grocery stores are run by hippies who don't believe in pesticide." I guess this one depends on whether you expect hippies to successfully fight off mice. Judgment call.
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